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Table runner Ranucoli

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Cristina's Notes

In the 15th Century illustrations and descriptions show that single flowers were strewn on the table linen. After every course they were wiped on the floor and replaced by new ones, leaving a natural carpet on the ground.
Today, flowers are still the very expensive gift in nature. They still attract with their beauty and shape.
And that’s why we reproduced the beautiful carpet of flowers in our Ranuncoli Collection being the natural feeling given by the raw linen embroidered with a dense pattern of stylized though delicate layered buttercups.
The Ranuncoli Collection is an incredibly versatile collection that will fit in about any of your table arrangement

100% raw natural Linen with 100% white cotton embroidery
100/ raw natural Linen with 100% cotton embroidery in beige and gold colors
Made in Italy

Actual lead time will be communicated within 48 hrs of ordering.
Each piece of Cristina Linassi's Atelier is made to order exclusively in Venice, Italy.
For this same reason it is non-returnable.
Returns are accepted only for product that is defective, shipped incorrectly, or not constructed to customer specifications.

Each piece of Cristina Linassi’s Atelier is made to order exclusively in Venice, Italy. For this same reason it is non-returnable.



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Table runner Ranucoli

115,00 135,00 


We inform our kind customers that after the closing of the retail store due to the lack of manual labour consequent to the pandemic, Cristina Linassi has decided to continue her business for a selected group of affectionate clients who will be visiting the new show room at her house on the Grand Canal in front of the Guggenheim museum.
Just book your appointment in advance by email message to or send a WhatsApp or phone +393280208017
Only E-Commerce Lingerie Orders are accepted, (all other articles are definitively dismissed)