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Cristina's Notes

Any model of our Lingerie Collection is individually made with passion. Fine tailoring, impeccable craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and scrupulous attention to detail is the mainstay of everything Cristina Linassi do as heritage of Italian couture.

Pure White 100% cotton plumetis
Made in Italy

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Actual lead time will be communicated within 48 hrs of ordering.
Each piece of Cristina Linassi's Atelier is made to order exclusively in Venice, Italy.
For this same reason it is non-returnable.
Returns are accepted only for product that is defective, shipped incorrectly, or not constructed to customer specifications.

For this luxurious

Nightdress Blanche

Actual lead time will be communicated within 48 hrs of ordering


The Fabric


Choosing a luxury fabric such as Plumetis is to choose one of the most luxurious and elegant fabrics in the world.

Fresh and Flawless
Plumetis is woven from the highest quality cotton, using long threads to give a smooth and flawless finish upon which the delicate embroidered pattern is laid. This magical fabric is a real show stopper and only the very best cotton from EItaly is used in its creation.
Elegant, yet with a light, fresh feel, Plumetis is a real joy to wear.

Plumetis: a Luxury Fabric
Selecting a luxurious and eye catching fabric such as Plumetis is to make a real style statement. Its fresh, contemporary look is perfect for a variety of sophisticated looks.
This exceptional cotton material can transform and update any sophisticated night outfit.

Versatile and Chic
The cool, chic appearance of Plumetis makes it a favourite for exclusive, superior quality night wear.
The sumptuous embroidered pattern of Plumetis has a timeless quality that's hard to match.
A real treasure, it lends itself to a vast range of styles and is ideal for all ages.

The Care

How to Care for Your Cristina Linassi's Cotton Plumetis Nightdresses or Robes.

Cristina takes a compulsive interest in the quality of the cotton supplied for her nightwear. It must be luxuriously soft but strong enough to be washed in a washing machine.
When you wear her cotton nightdresses, they feel like a second skin. The cotton fabric is light and finely woven. On hot summer nights Cristina Linassi's fine cotton breathes and keeps you cool.

Washing your Cotton Plumetis Nightwear

When you need to wash a Cristina Linassi's nightdress, you can put it loosely in a gentle wash cycle in your machine or machine wash it in a gauze washing bag. The bag is kinder and will mean that the garment will keep its newness longer.
Only use soft gentle wash detergent.
Of course if you hand wash and hang up to dry inside your house or in the fresh air, this is wonderful for the happiness of your garment. Try not to tumble dry.

Ironing Your White Cotton Plumetis Sleepwear

Ironing is optional. These days everyone is busy and few of us have ironing ladies!
Cristina hangs her gowns on a coathanger in her bathroom overnight or in the fresh air. They drip dry and she does not iron them. Just the feeling of the soft cotton next to your skin is all you need for a restful sleep.

However if you want to iron, here are a few tips:

Iron your cotton nightdress on the wrong side. In other words, inside out and when it is still slightly damp. This will prevent any finish on the garment from being harmed. And will still give you a wrinkle free look.
Cotton can withstand high temperatures so use a hot iron. This is one of the factors which make it the most wearable textile in the world.


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Nightdress Blanche


We inform our kind customers that after the closing of the retail store due to the lack of manual labour consequent to the pandemic, Cristina Linassi has decided to continue her business for a selected group of affectionate clients who will be visiting the new show room at her house on the Grand Canal in front of the Guggenheim museum.
Just book your appointment in advance by email message to or send a WhatsApp or phone +393280208017
Only E-Commerce Lingerie Orders are accepted, (all other articles are definitively dismissed)