Cristina Linassi Venezia


The woman behind the Label

Elegant. Confident. Iconic. Venice.

Cristina Linassi, a pioneer.
A modern woman, forward-thinking, confident and
succeeding in the world, while pulling off the
balancing act of life.

Cristina Linassi

Responding and reacting to real needs – needs she knew because they were also her own, Cristina Linassi launched her Atelier with her first collection back in 1995 and revolutionized the way
women feel themeselves at home and the way they feel their own homes.
A silk nightgown, a jacquard linen tablecloth, a cotton satin duvet cover.
Cristina Linassi intuitively understood the need and desires of modern women, designing luxury night lingerie collections and homelinen collections that could take them through their day and nights, without sacrificing elegance or sensuality.
Since its inception, Cristina Linassi Venezia has been synonymous with Venice, inspired by the light and attitude of the city.
More than 25 years later, Cristina Linassi is one of the most iconic names in Italy luxury lingerie and Homelinen fashion.
Her quintessential silk lingerie silhouettes and feminine way of dressing at home remain as relevant as ever, now reimagined in a modern-day handover from mother to daughter.
Love letters and WhattsApp messages.
Champagne and spritz. Gala night and street party.

Cristina Linassi endeavours to represent both the sides of the city that inspires everything she does.

The Vision of

            Cristina Linassi

Cristina Linassi is more than a little obsessed with thoughtful style and design – from the most high quality materials to the little details that turn an essential into an infatuation.
She partners with the top fabric factories in Italy, uses only the best materials and craftmanship, and never stop until her products are truly exceptional – and ready for you and your home.

Designed for Everyday

She likes her luxury with a side of practicability.
This isn’t the type of luxury you put on a shelf – though it does look nice there.
It is the kind of luxury you live with every day.

Designed to last

Cristina Linassi tries to avoid fast-food and fast-fashion. So it’s a no-brainer to ensure that her collections are built to outlast trends, the competition and time.

We inform our kind customers that after the closing of the retail store due to the lack of manual labour consequent to the pandemic, Cristina Linassi has decided to continue her business for a selected group of affectionate clients who will be visiting the new show room at her house on the Grand Canal in front of the Guggenheim museum.
Just book your appointment in advance by email message to or send a WhatsApp or phone +393280208017
Only E-Commerce Lingerie Orders are accepted, (all other articles are definitively dismissed)